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Naats by Junaid Jamshaid - Download mp3 Naats

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshaid - Eh Taybaa

Size of the file: 10.66 MB  Total downloads: 115076

21431 Downloads. rm Download
12133 Downloads. ram Download
81512 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Jaga Ji Lagane Ki Duniya Nahi Hai

Size of the file: 698.08 KB  Total downloads: 66435

10080 Downloads. rm Download
5902 Downloads. ram Download
50453 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Madad Meray Allah

Size of the file: 576.63 KB  Total downloads: 45904

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3707 Downloads. ram Download
36020 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Muhammad [p.b.u.h] Ka Roza

Size of the file: 815.62 KB  Total downloads: 48763

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3271 Downloads. ram Download
39423 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Rasha Meray Allah

Size of the file: 441.46 KB  Total downloads: 30191

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2131 Downloads. ram Download
24583 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Tune Poochi Hai Imamat

Size of the file: 772.52 KB  Total downloads: 31434

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2052 Downloads. ram Download
25737 Downloads. mp3 Download

Jalwa e Janan - Junaid Jamshed - Qad Af Lahal

Size of the file: 253.39 KB  Total downloads: 26251

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1793 Downloads. ram Download
21526 Downloads. mp3 Download

Junaid Jamshaid

Former Pakistan POP Singer Now Fully Pledged Tablighi And Muslim.

Size of the file: 7.20 MB  Total downloads: 27589

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1656 Downloads. ram Download
23105 Downloads. mp3 Download

Junaid Jamshed - Jalwa e Jana

Size of the file: 564.87 KB  Total downloads: 30983

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25832 Downloads. mp3 Download

Junaid Jamshed - Yeh Subh-e-Madina

Size of the file: 500.22 KB  Total downloads: 36853

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29977 Downloads. mp3 Download
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