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04. Khomeini in the light of his own books

Imam Khomeini, also, is an author. Formerly, I could get hold of two of his books: Al-Hukumat-ul-Islmia and Tahrir-ul-Wasila. Later, I obtained his book, Kashful Asrar. I have already written about the first book. The book, Tahrir-ul-Wasilah, is probably his biggest work running into two large side volumes, of about six hundred pages each. It deals with jurisprudence. There is no doubt that it is a comprehensive work on the subject and covers all matters of jurisprudence from washing after natural evacuation, wazu (ablution) and bathing to inheritance. In my view, there is hardly anything arising in the life of a man which may not have been touched upon in this book from the point of view of Shia religion. The style of writing is clear and easily understandable. The work shows his proficiency and high quality of scholarship.

The points of views, doctrines and tenets of Khomeini as they emerge from a study of his works will be reproduced in his own words so that people who are suffering from any misunderstanding or delusion about him may know exactly where he stands. As the Quran says:

"…….. that he who perished might perish by a clear proof (of His sovereignty), and he who survived might survive by a clear proof (of His sovereignty), Verily, God is Hearing, Knowing." (VIII: 42).

Viewpoint of Khomeini about the Imams:

At the very outset, I may say that Khomeini is a high-ranking Mujtahid, Imam and leader of the Shi’ite sect of Isna Ashariya. Thus, whatever be the particular believes and views of Isna Ashariyya which are treated as part of faith are, also, the beliefs of Khomeini and he feels strongly about them. What I am stating here is based on authoritative Shia books. Their extracts will be reproduced in the relevant chapters At present, I am quoting from Al-Hukumat-ul-Islamia of Khomeini which forms the basis of his revolutionary call and struggle.

Imams govern and have control over every particle of the Universe

On page 52 of the book, Khomeini writes:

"The Imam enjoys such power over the law of cause and effect, and place of worthiness and position of eminence that every particle of the universe bows before his power and authority and obeys his commands."

The Imam is higher in rank than Angels, Prophets and Messengers:

Again, he writes:

"Among the essential and fundamental beliefs of our religion (Shia Isna Ashariyya) is the belief that our Innocent Imams hold the station which could not be reached by any favourite Angel, Prophet or Messenger". (p.52).

Before the creation of the world the Imams were the light and effulgence surrounding the highest heaven. Besides God, no one can conceive of their station and nearness to God.

And, again, on the same page, Khomeini says:

"The traditions and reports i.e., Shi’ite traditions and reports, before us definitely prove that the Great Prophet and Imams were the light and effulgence before the creation of the world; then God surrounded the highest heaven with them, and bestowed upon them such rank and station that only He knows it, and no one else". (p.52).

The Imams are Infallible:

To err or to forget is a part of human nature. Even the Prophets were not immune from it .The Quran mentions several acts of forgetfulness and error by the Prophets, but Khomeini writes about his Imams that:

"One cannot even imagine any act of negligence or error on the part of the Imams." (p.91).

The teachings of Imams are eternal and obligatory like the teachings and commandments of the Quran.

On page 113 of his book, Al-Hukumat-ul-Islamia, Khomeini writes:

"The teachings of our Imams are like the teachings of the Quran. They are not meant for any particular section of the people or era. They are universal and eternal in character and meant for all people and for all times. To obey them is obligatory till the Doomsday".

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